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    Neem oil
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    neem oil, natural happiness of your garden and your pets.
    VITAneem neem oil is the natural pest control multifunction universal, you expected: mosquitoes, flies, moths, mites, nematodes, mites, bacteria, slugs, etc. ....

    neem oil is water soluble (soluble in water) which makes it easy to use.
    1 liter of neem oil provides 50 liters of spray mixture (2% solution).

    For the vegetable processing in agriculture, gardening, horticulture, arboriculture, forestry and viticulture:
    - Dilute 0,5cl to 2cl per liter of water (18 ° to 20 ° C) = 0.5% -2% solution depending on the plant to be treated.
    The cap of one liter bottle contains 10ml = 1cl.
    The cap 100ml and 250ml bottle contains 20ml = 2 cl
    Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray once a week or every 15 days affected plants. Watch Out! Do not overdose. It is better to repeat the treatment increases the concentration.

    The neem oil for the treatment of green spaces:
    Prepare a 1% solution of 3% (3% = 3 caps 1cl)
    Tips and tricks:
    The solution obtained by mixing, is oily and naturally adheres to the plant leaving a slightly oily film on the surface of the plant. The elements contained in neem oil penetrate the leaves through tiny openings called stomata. These are usually found in larger numbers on the underside of leaves. Must be taken into account when applying fertilizer by spraying the underside of leaves. Foliar fertilizer is best absorbed if it is vaporized mist, early morning or evening because the air is cooler and the humidity is higher. This promotes stomatal opening.
    neem oil to repel slugs and snails
    Spray the mixture on dry ground. Do not water immediately.

    neem oil for the treatment of animals

    Against flies and insects in premises
    Spray on the floor and walls of the barn, preferably twice a day, when the animal is outside, it is not recommended to leave food or beverages during treatment because they could be bitter.

    Fly repellent, mosquitoes, ticks on animals
    Assay: Mix 5-10 neem oil plugs (that is 5 to 10 cl) in water, sweet almond oil or a fragrant lotion. Applying the mixture to the skin.
    Against ticks and fleas
    Dosage: use the pure product and apply directly to the animal. It is advisable to leave for an hour, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    For hoof care
    Dosage: Mix 5 neem oil caps (ie 5cl) to 1 liter of water. Dip the comb into the mix. This treatment is applicable to cattle, sheep, pigs, as well as pets.

    neem oil as hair care
    neem oil shampoo serves repellent and shine to the hair.
    Add oil in the shampoo coat care of dogs, cats, cows, horses, sheep fleece for a soft and silky hair. Apply as a mask let stand 10 to 15 minutes then rinse with clear water.

    Storage location of neem oil:
    Store in cool, dry place away from light. neem oil tends to solidify at a temperature below 25 ° C. This phenomenon does not matter on its quality. We recommend reheat if necessary before use by passing the bottle under warm water net to liquefy.

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