1. Neem oil
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    Neem oil

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    Discover your natural gardening our new product: a 100% natural fertilizer!
    Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a tropical tree, a cousin of Mahogany, a tree indigenous to India called in french: Neem.

    Neem oil (or oil Neem) is a fertilizer plant, repellent, vermifuge, insecticide, etc. ... extracted from seeds of neem.

    In India the Neem is known and revered since ancient times. Neem-Tree is nicknamed "the village pharmacy." The Indian farmer appreciates its effects on natural insecticide and fungicide.

    Major elements:
    - Organic matter: 92%
    - Nitrogen: 3%
    - Phosphorus: 65%
    - Potash: 0.10%
    - Azadirachtin: 0.21% or 2100 ppm
    - Oleic acid, stearic, Palit, linoleic and myristic
    - Density: 0.89 g/cm3

    Trace elements:
    - Copper: 0.1 mg / liter
    - Iron: 20mg/litre
    - Magnesium: 24mg/litre
    - Sodium: 30mg/litre
    - Sulfur: 2000mg/litre
    - Zinc: 5.5 mg / liter

    ● Properties
    - Nitrogen, sulfur and trace elements to plants
    - Improving the health of plants
    - Stimulation of natural defenses

    ● Application
    - Neem Oil Neemlys is  hydrosoluble and easy to use.
    - Sprayed on leaves, fruits, branches and trunks of plants in late afternoon avoiding the heat
    - Depending on the parasite pressure (diseases, insects) at intervals of 15 to 20 days. During heavy infestation every week.

    ● Determination
    Agriculture, gardening, horticulture, arboriculture, forestry 2% of oil in the solution (eg 10 liters of oil in 500 liters of water to treat 1 hectare)
    Greenwatch: 3% solution

    1 liter of water soluble oil Neem can get 50 liter of spray mixture.


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